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Now in the folk, there is also the habit of putting up Copper Guan Gong. People hope that Guan Gong can bring people courage and prosperity of official fortune. With the continuous development of the times, now there is a saying that Copper Guan Gong can attract billowing wealth by putting up a Copper Guan Gong image. With years of experience in casting copper crafts, the cast statues of copper customs are lifelike, awesome and unkind, and will surely win your favor.


Guan Gong is the honorific title of Guan Yu. Because of the worship of Guan Yu, people also honor him as Guan Di, Guan Confucius, Guan Saint and so on. Guan Yu is a legendary figure who has been worshipped by Chinese people for thousands of years, from the imperial court officials to the people of Li.


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In the Ming Dynasty, there was also a legendary experience of Shen Kun, who took part in the science examination. Shen Kun's family was very much influenced by his parents in Chongxin Guan Di, and Shen Kun was very pious towards Guan di. It is said that Shen Kun burned incense and kowtowed in front of Guan Gong's bronze statue on the eve of his test in Beijing, praying that Guan Gong would announce the examination questions. He happened to be caught by one of his visiting friends. It was ridiculous to hear Shen Kun pleading for Guan Gong's bronze statue there. He tried to play a trick on Shen Kun and then sketched seven topics. Shen Kun finished his prayers and came out to receive friends. The two people chatted all over the place. When Shen Kun did not pay attention, he found the opportunity to place the title under the fragrant case before Guan Gong bronze statue. The next day Shen Kun came to burn incense again, and at first glance, he saw that if he had acquired the treasure, he thought that Master Guan really appeared. The statue of Tongguan was then drafted according to the title and recited too well. When I got to the examination room, the examiner came up with a coincidence. Shen Kun's article, which will have been prepared for a long time on the basis of the title, is really handy and effortless. The friend who played a trick on Shen Kun also took the exam with him. At the beginning, he only regarded the seven subjects of playing tricks on Shen Kun as children's jokes. The price of public statues in Tongguan was not in his mind at all, let alone who prepared for it. As a result, he made a wedding dress for others, and Shen Kun tried to try and hold a bronze knife and Guan Gong.


In order to make Guan Gong's image more Confucian, many temples of Guan Emperor have built Chunqiu Tower, which is about reading the bronze statue of Chunqiu. Guan Yu is no longer a martial artist in the eyes of later generations, but a Confucian general who is familiar with the Spring and Autumn Period. Candidates regard him as a great master of the Spring and Autumn Period. They respect him as Guan Fu and hope that he will protect his career.


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